Lead Designer, CEO

You have ideas – I would love to make them a reality! With over 24 yrs of experience in the brand identity, website design and development and marketing industry I can assist small businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs launch, nurture and grow their business. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I recognize the complexities and overwhelms that come with managing your own business. My goal is to support my clients and colleagues so that they may flourish while evolving their businesses or careers.


Junior Designer

Communication, functionality, and design have been a part of my professional career as an illustrator since 2009. With those skills, I transitioned into the world of design and marketing to pursue a different avanue in my career. In this transition, my mission has been to create a partnership with our clients and their businesses to help be a guide so they may meet their full potential. With the integrity of the Auxilium Haus brand, I carry the same values our clients have and goals as my own to help elevate and build a thriving future.


The Best Assistant Ever

Over the last 5 years, Richard the Dog has been one of the best assistants that Auxilium Haus has worked with. Richard is always on time, he is kind and thoughtful and loves his job! In his spare time, he enjoys yoga – especially the downward-facing dog pose.

Services Offered Include: Smiles, Laughs, Dog Kisses, Unwavering Joy, Love, Support, Kindness, and Furry Clothing.